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Over the past few years at Happy Mum Happy Baby, we’ve discovered a few small brands we absolutely love. Each one offers something unique and we’ve long been fans of championing those run by mums for mums. Because who knows what you need and want better than someone who’s been where you are now? Someone who has walked in your shoes, or shoes that look a bit like yours, might have a good idea what will soothe a colicky baby, or make you feel glam when there’s a strong chance there’s sick on your sweater.

These brands are basically a hand offered through the post or down the virtual waves of the internet and we absolutely love them. What’s more, you can guarantee as small businesses, every single order from one of this ace bunch gets a good old happy dance from the maker, shaker and Mama behind the scenes.


The Tired Mama Collection is a small, mama run business based in South Wales. They produce high quality, stylish and comfortable clothing with mamas in mind. Ethically produced, high quality and pretty bloomin’ gorge, it’s no wonder this brand has become a new favourite with so many mums. Set up in April 2017 by mum of two Danielle, who was hoping to build a small business that would work around childcare, school runs and toddler naps, the brand is continuing to grow from strength to strength.

The Positive Birth Company is on a mission to support people as they embark on the most exciting journey of their lives. Founded by hypnobirthing expert Siobhan Miller in 2016, PBC are committed to empowering women, birthing people and birth partners to create positive experiences from conception through to birth and the postpartum period. PBC offers online courses, their app Freya, a bestselling book, and tonnes of free social media resources to help people have better births. They aim to be a virtual village and believe in the power of knowledge to empower and community to support.


Breast Dressed is a new brand of sustainable, fashion led maternity and breastfeeding wear, all designed and made ethically in the U.K. Home to clothing that can be worn throughout all stages of mum-hood from pregnancy and beyond, Breast Dressed styles will support your growing bump, give you functionality for breastfeeding should you need it and make you feel beautiful, stylish and cool as a mum long after pregnancy. Designer Hester believes that pregnancy shouldn’t mean that you have to lose your identity and style, nor should you have to buy a new wardrobe that can only be worn when you have a bump or bigger boobs. Check out the Airi Dress in Black (right).


Lara and Ollie was created after two mums in South East London had put away their much loved jewellery and accessories when they had their babies due to grabbing fingers and chewy mouths. They loved the concept of teething necklaces and decided to give making their own a go. Spurred on by positive feedback and questions about where their products could be purchased, they decided to turn a passion project into a business. The rest, as they say, is history.


Avery Row is the creation of two friends who have five kids between them and a wish to create beautiful things for the little people around them. That wish has grown from a cafe in the backstreets of Mayfair to the brand that exists now, which offers everything from playmats to muslins, washcloths to bedding and toys, rattles and so much more. We LOVE their super stylish changing bags (left). They’re so chic you can pass them off as handbags long after your wee one is potty trained.


Lady Bakewell-Park is all about absolutely delicious biscuits.  Becky, a self taught baker, is based at her personal kitchen in Ipswich and Lady B’s bakery is home to the original personalised marbled biscuit and known on social media for capturing song lyrics as well as saying-it-how-it-is on her colourful biscuits. Lady B also indulges in classic comforts (think brownies and Bakewell tarts) as well as specialised bespoke orders. You’ll be drooling just looking at the website.



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