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I’ve had so many conflicting emotions about returning to work, and sending my 9 month old to nursery. I know it’s for the best and I do enjoy my work, but goodness I will miss her. I wrote a poem to work through my emotions, and wanted to share in case it resonated with any other parents in the same situation.

Back to work, my little one
So now I have to go
I promise I’ll be home tonight
Just like I told you so.
I’ve treasured every moment
Learning all your ways,
But now there is another way
I have to fill my days.
I know you’ll cry, I know you’ll fuss
Trust me I want to, too.
But know that when I’m gone today
My thoughts are all of you.
I’ll soak in every bit of you
Before I have to leave.
The way you gaze into my eyes,
The warm whisper when you breathe.
Please don’t break your heart
When you see me walk away.
It’s only for a little while,
And in that time you’ll play!
You’ll make new friends and learn new things,
You’ll hardly miss me at all.
And if you ever need me,
I’ll be there at the first call.
Don’t be sad, my angel,
That we have to be apart.
Please know that this is for the best
Even though it hurts my heart.
You’ll be fine without me,
You’ll blossom and you’ll grow.
Just remember that I love you
More than you’ll ever know.


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