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“During my 32 week midwife appointment, sitting there with swollen ankles, I didn’t expect to be sent to the delivery suite. I didn’t think I had severe pre-eclampsia or that I’d deliver my baby 13 hours later via C-Section.
Yes I was scared, but I turned to my husband and the first thing I said was “We don’t have a Moses basket yet!”.
Plan A was Hypnobirthing and a water birth, Plan B was whatever I needed to do to deliver my baby safely. Plan B it was!
Robyn was born at 3:31am, 12/03/21, weighing a tiny 3lb 8oz. She was put on a ventilator for all of 2 hours before her tiny (but mighty) lungs started working for themselves.
After 24 days in SCBU, constantly surprising the doctors and nurses with how well she progressed, our little girl came home.
Robyn is now 6 weeks old, 2lb heavier than her birth weight, and doing incredibly well. My wound has healed and, although still emotional and sore as expected, I feel myself again.
C-Sections are not an “easy way out”, nor can they be classed as “not birthing your baby”. Every birth is unique and so special. Be proud Mamas.” – @megsy_b91

#MumsWillTalk is is helping to get all mums stories heard. We’re looking for more stories to normalise birth by C-Section, whether planned or otherwise, and we’d love to hear about yours. You can share your story here.


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