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“I lost my daughter Natasha to an allergic reaction to sesame seeds in July 2016. You may have seen details of her inquest in the press a few years ago.  She had eaten a baguette bought at Heathrow airport where sesame seeds weren’t listed on the ingredients label nor were they visible to the naked eye; they had been baked into the dough of the bread and completely unsuspecting, she had eaten it.  She was 15 years old.

Up to 8% of children in the UK have a diagnosed food allergy. That’s at least one food allergic child in every classroom across the UK. A study at the University of East Anglia earlier this year, concluded that 80% of parents face significant worry about their child’s food allergy and 42% suffer from post-traumatic stress. This is usually following the experience of witnessing their child suffering an anaphylactic reaction (a life-threatening allergic reaction that restricts the airways) and having to administer an adrenaline auto-injector. 

Medicine has no answers, why a food allergy recovered from one day, can kill on another?  Why are we experiencing huge increases of life-threatening allergic reactions admitted to A&E every year? Why are so many of our little ones being diagnosed with food allergies?

Following Natasha’s inquest, we received so many letters, people telling us their allergy stories, desperately heart-breaking to read. It led us to campaign for Natasha’s Law which comes into effect on the 1st October and will ensure if you buy food that has been pre-packed and sold on the same premises, it will have to carry a full ingredients label. But our mission is much more than that.  We work to raise education and awareness of allergies in society and fundraise to support vital medical research.

I am no longer the person I was before Natasha died, her death cut out my very core and I have finally come to terms with that.  But I have found a way to channel my rawness and pain into good and for that I feel blessed. It is so important that people with and without allergies support us and our work. The more knowledge, awareness and care allergic families receive, the safer they will be.

Please sign our petition asking the government to appoint an Allergy Tsar. The petition is to prevent our young people dying unnecessary and preventable deaths and for the 2 million families in the UK who live in fear of such an outcome, every single day. Find out more about Natasha’s Law and how you can help on our website. ” – @NatashasFoundation

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