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You’re not doing it wrong, it’s just hard.

The days are never ending and the nights are long.

Greasy hair scrapped back into a bun again.

Losing yourself more and more as time goes by.

Spent hours cleaning the house for it to look like a dump in seconds.

Rising screams in the car and you feel defeated.

As soon as you sit to eat, baby wants to feed.

They asked how you are and you lied.

You tried so hard to smile for the fear if you said you were struggling.

They’d think you were a bad mum.

You weren’t good enough.

Not maternal.

Couldn’t do it like the other mums.

Didn’t quite have it together.

And you didn’t love your children.

You’re not doing it wrong, it’s just hard.

I wanted to let you know all babies explode in their nappy, all toddlers have tantrums and all mums have pulled their leggings a little higher over their new found mum tums.

No one has it together all the time and it’s ok to shed real tears over forgetting to press start on the washing machine.

You’re not alone – we’re all powering through this absolute shxt show they call motherhood and whilst we wouldn’t change it for the world – just don’t do it alone 💖.


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