We would love to work together to create a safe, welcoming and empowering space for ALL MUMS to share THEIR STORIES. It’s important that us mums can talk about ourselves, about our families, about our birth experience, about our career… about anything and everything!


Mums WILL talk… ever since I wrote Happy Mum, Happy Baby, I’ve been hit with the understanding that the dialogue around motherhood should go so much further than ‘it’s amazing’. It’s a given that being able to bring life into the world really is a blooming miracle and something to marvel over, but with that also comes a whole load of other overwhelming challenges, achievements and moments that you probably hadn’t thought about before being chucked in the deep end.

Talking is so wonderful – for the person sharing, and the one listening. It’s empowering, unifying and uplifting. Talking can make a lonely, isolated, worried, overwhelmed, fretful, depleted mum feel like she’s got an army of other bedraggled mums in her corner who SEE her and HEAR her struggles – no matter how big or small.

I’m fed up of people feeling ashamed of their feelings, and struggling in silence! Gi. XXXX’


So we are opening up our platform to shine a light on mums that want to share their personal journey, give a message of support to the mum community or just feel heard! Every mum’s experience is unique, but each story shared we hope will reach those that needed to hear that message most!

So please, join us by sharing your story with us and help us to highlight the voices of ‘Us Mums’ out there, with all the stories to tell the world.


This year, Mums Will Talk!


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