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Welcome to Happy Mum Happy Baby!

The mission of Happy Mum Happy Baby is to bring parents together. To connect, support and share with each other whether that’s through the book, the podcast or our community events.

Becoming a parent is an event in our lives that completely changes everything. It changes our day-to-day, our relationships, our professional careers with highs, lows, challenges and rewards all rolled into one experience.

We believe there is no such thing as the perfect parent. Most of us are simply doing our best. It’s time to stop comparing ourselves and champion each other instead.


Where it all started

Giovanna Fletcher began sharing the details of her own experience of motherhood in The Happy Mum Happy Baby Book. Gi was so overwhelmed by the support that she decided the conversation just had to continue.

Gi started The Podcast where frank and warm discussions are had with high-profile mums and dads – no topic is out of bounds, Gi wants to hear it all! She wants to open up conversations and create a place for mums and dads around the UK to share, listen, chat and support each other – and have fun at the same time!

The podcast gained national attention when The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton sat down for a rare, candid conversation about her motherhood experience. There’s such a wide range and diverse cast of guests on the podcast from Joe Wicks talking about weaning your baby onto healthy solids to Paloma Faith opening up about IVF to Dope Black Mum’s describing their experiences of being black mum’s in the UK. It really is a place for everyone to share their story and connect with other parents.


Our Community

This is reflected in the huge number of people of active members in our Instagram and Facebook Group communities.  On Instagram we share expert advice in our ‘An Insight With’ series that covers everything from postpartum home workouts to how hypnobirthing can help you to have a positive birth experience and from learning to spell with fun at-home activities to what it’s like being a mixed-race family in the UK.

Our Facebook Group is run completely by the members as they seek advice, talk to each other openly about their experiences and support each other when someone needs a pep talk.


Gi’s second book Letters On Motherhood is a collection of heartfelt and deeply personal letters written by Giovanna to her three young sons Buzz, Buddy and Max, husband, Tom, and the family and friends who have inspired and supported her to become the mother that she is today.

Gi is passionate about encouraging openness & real honesty around parenting and so Happy Mum Happy Baby is a safe space for mum’s (& dad’s!). We are here to encourage solidarity and support each other and to laugh & cry when we need to!


We’re proud to be a part of it and would love it if you joined us too!

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