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Happy Mum, Happy Baby, Happy Ears

We’re now on Series Eight of the Podcast, hurrah! New episodes drop every Tuesday.

If you’ve missed any, don’t worry, all the previous series are right here for you to listen back to.


Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Our Mission

Becoming a parent is life-changing. It’s brilliant and bewildering in equal measure. The incredible highs contrast with exhausting lows and, at times, an overwhelming loneliness. Yet the perfect picture of parenthood is often painted online.

We’re a community platform committed to showing you the raw realities of parenthood; representing stories from every corner and every journey. We’re also a no-judgement zone, there’s no one way to parent so please leave mum shaming at the door. Instead we help to inspire, educate and support our community. Let us be your safe space to share, listen and learn.