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16 Positive Affirmations For Mums & Expectant Mums

As mothers, we often find ourselves meeting the needs of everyone around us before ourselves. We’re guilty of not taking the time to think about ourselves, and our mental health & confidence can take a hit because of this. For International Kindness Day, we’re encouraging our community to send our kindness inwards, with a collection of positive affirmations for mums and mums-to-be. 

Positive affirmations help disrupt the negative thinking habits, self-doubt and criticism that comes with motherhood, by building a new route in your brain for positive thoughts. Repeating affirmations in front of a mirror or writing them down can be a great tool in taking back control of your emotions, and going about your day more intentionally.


Positive affirmations for mums

I am exactly who my kids need.

I am enough, both as a mother and as an individual.

My self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

I love who I am and who I am becoming.

My children love me because I am their mother.

I am doing my best. Whatever I do today is enough.

I give myself permission to set healthy boundaries.

Being a mother has shown me how strong I am.


Positive affirmations for mums-to-be

I welcome changes in my body

It’s good for me to take care of myself.

I am open and accepting of my pregnancy experience.

I trust my body to know what to do.

My baby is safe and loved

I feel the love of others around me

I will make the right decisions for my baby.

Pregnancy suits me perfectly


Spread the kindness today and share our positive affirmations with a friend who needs to hear it. 

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