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4 Reasons To Play Your Baby Music At Bedtime

The lengths we go to get a baby to sleep. As parents, there’s a million things we’ve tried and tested to make it through those first nights – The desperate attempts to soothe, the whirlwind of emotions from sheer exhaustion, the endless tears (yours and theirs). Every baby has a different sleeping routine, and understanding that can be a challenge. But the one thing that worked for Giovanna Fletcher and all three of her boys was music. 

Coming to your music platforms on Friday 1st September, Happy Mum Happy Baby: The Sleep Album is a 3-part record crafted with live instrumentation & natural sounds, promising a gentle journey into slumber. Here’s 4 reasons why you might want to make music a part of your baby’s bedtime ritual. 


Music soothes the soul (and the baby!)

Imagine a world filled with new sounds, sights, and sensations every waking moment. It’s a tad overwhelming, right? That’s what it’s like for our little ones. Music, with its gentle melodies and soothing rhythms, has a calming effect, slowing down heartbeats and allowing for deeper, calmer breathing before bedtime – this applies for adults and babies alike.


Consistency is key 

Music is a great addition to your baby’s pre-sleep ritual, helping create a familiar routine for your little one. In the Happy Mum Happy Baby: The Sleep Album, we begin the music journey with a ‘Winding Down’ section, a gentle nudge that says “it’s time to rest”, giving your baby a sense of familiarity which leaves them feeling more secure and relaxed.


Nurture young minds 

Music is a powerful catalyst for brain development, with studies showing that listening can boost creativity, memory, emotional intelligence, language skills, and even mathematical thinking in infants and toddlers. So soothing tunes before bedtime not only helps usher your baby into sleep, but also nurtures their mind.  


Musical moments of bonding 

Every lullaby is more than just a song – it’s a moment of bonding. When your baby listens to music, they release oxytocin, the very same hormone generated during nursing for mutual bonding. So, next time you’re playing a tune, remember – you’re not just sharing a song, you’re sharing a moment – though we can’t promise you won’t drift off asleep with them! 


What about white noise?

White noise helps to create a comfortable, womb-like ambience that soothes anxious infants, encouraging them to fall asleep sooner – and stay asleep for longer periods of time. Did you know that babies cycle in and out of periods of deep and light sleep? Every 20 minutes or so, they are in a cycle of light sleep and can wake easily from environmental disruptions. On Happy Mum Happy Baby: The Sleep Album, we have incorporated an additional eight hours of white noise to drown out those little disruptions, ensuring sweet dreams continue.


Navigating our little ones’ sleep patterns can be quite the journey, and we’re hoping that Happy Mum Happy Baby: The Sleep Album can soothe you as much as it eases your little one into a full night’s sleep! You can pre-save The Sleep Album here, for release on Friday 1st September. You can preview the album with our first released single Baby & You here. 

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