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My Fatherhood Journey | @dadbloguk on Dads Will Talk

“Here are my daughters, Helen, left, and Izzy, right. It’s amazing being a dad and I love spending quality time with my family, although my fatherhood journey isn’t typical because I’m they’re main carer, not mum.

When Helen was born, I was a typical full-time working dad. I took a month off work, a mix of paternity leave and holiday, before returning to work. It was horrible going back to the office.

A few months later my wife returned to full time work and Helen went into childcare five days a week. After a few months I found myself increasingly unhappy about this. I suggested to my wife that I leave my job and concentrate on family and home while she remain the breadwinner.

That’s how we’ve rolled ever since! We had a further child, Izzy and Helen is now at secondary school. Even so, I do the school runs, organise the birthday celebrations and so on. I feel blessed and honoured to spend so much time with my kids.

Few dads have this option. It’s not easy, it can be lonely being a dad in my position, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!”
– @dadbloguk

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