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Wonderful Moments | @nigelclarketv on Dads Will Talk

“I remember getting all wrapped up at midnight, putting on the baby sling, loading up my daughter who had only been with us for a few months, and heading out to walk in the cold night air. I’d be out for anywhere between 20 mins and an hour and this was her favourite way to fall asleep.

I loved it! It was daddy bonding time. A quiet moment when I could share some time with my baby and talk to her with nobody else around. No interruptions. Just me and her. Time that as a father you realise is priceless.

Many parents worry about not being able to do the things they could before parenthood, but in reality, those things get replace by amazing things you never dreamed you’d do. Yes they may be the most random things, but they become YOUR things, YOUR experiences.

Being a dad provides so many wonderful moments that enhance your life in ways you can never properly imagine until you experience them.

Embrace them.

Cherish them.”

– @nigelclarketv Founder of @dadvengersofficial

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