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Foster Carer’s Home | @thediydads on Dads Will Talk

“Stepping into the foster carer’s home for the first time was like stepping into a new life. Seeing our children’s tiny shoes lined up by the front door melted any concerns on whether we could really do this.

Our eldest, who was 18 months at the time pushed past the sea of legs of Social Workers, a team manager and Health Visitor who had now filled the living room. Whilst we craned our necks to get a look in the room, I looked down and the biggest blue eyes I had ever seen were looking up at me and I instantly crouched down to meet her gaze.

She threw a muslin cloth over my head and instantly we were in a game of peek-a-boo, and she giggled. Really giggled.

After all this time and all the preparation and overthinking of how this moment would be. It was she who found us.

Our youngest daughter was brought down from her nap and instantly settled in the arms of my other half, intently watching her bigger sister and new daddy finding a rhythm that we would continue to dance for the rest of our lives.

In that moment, they saved us. Anymore pain in the prospect that we might not feel the privilege of being parents vanished.

Our lives forever changed.”
– @thediydads

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