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A Father’s Feelings on Baby Loss | Dads Will Talk


“My baby boy, Riaan, was born in April 2020 and very sadly passed away in November 2020 – he was only 7 months old.

It is often said that men aren’t as open about their feelings and I have been trying to break that stigma by speaking openly and honestly about how losing my baby has made me feel, and if I am being honest… it has broken me in ways I never thought possible.

It is like a huge part of me is missing and no matter where I look, I can’t find it. Out of all the things I am in this world, ‘Riaan’s Daddy’ is my proudest title. It was so important to me to be actively involved in raising my boy, and I was.

The words to explain just how much I miss Riaan don’t exist – a Dad’s grief is no less than a Mum’s.” – @riaan_remembers

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