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Hyperemesis Gravidraum in pregnancies | Greg Rutherford on Happy Mum Happy Baby: The Podcast

The Happy Mum Happy Baby Podcast is BACK for Series Eight and we were thrilled to kick off with gold-medal winning olympian and Celebrity Masterchef champion Greg Rutherford!

Greg joined Gi to chat about how he dreamed of becoming a dad from an early age (he says he picked out kids names when he was about seven), what the birthing experience was like from a father’s point of view and how he hopes to inspire his children to be good people. Greg also spoke really frankly about his partner Susie’s experiences of Hyperemesis Gravidraum in her pregnancies and how he felt watching her go through such a difficult time.

Speaking about birth experiences, Greg reminded us of what’s really important: “When you’re giving birth, the big takeaways are that you [the mother] stay safe and that the baby stays safe. That’s absolutely the only thing that matters, and actually getting the baby out – however that happens. You know, you could want to do the hypnobirthing thing and have the whole water birth or whatever. But if you end up with a c-section, you haven’t failed. You’ve got what everyone hopes for – and that’s a baby in your arms and being well yourself”

One of Greg’s top tips for parenting was to take everyone’s advice with a pinch of salt, explaining: “Ignore everybody’s advice because everybody is going to tell you something different so advice is great and certain nuggets of it will actually be genuinely useful but everything will be different for each individual person and each baby is different“.

And one of the most important parts of being a parent for Greg? “Everything for me is about trying to impact their life in a positive way and make sure that they hopefully turn into fantastic humans – respectful, kind and all these sorts of things.

“I don’t care what they do as a job as long as they’re happy and they’re good people and they they sort of give something to the world.”

Watch Greg’s conversation with Gi below, or find it wherever you usually listen to your podcasts. We’re in all of the regular places! Check out all other episodes of Happy Mum Happy Baby here.


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