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Join our Facebook Group!

Our Facebook Group is run by our very own HMHB community – that means you!

It’s great for all sorts of discussions that cover the length and breadth of parenthood. There’s topics you might never have heard before, threads you can offer advice in, you may even learn new things and be inspired by others. Mum’s and dad’s talking to each other about all sorts of topics is really heart-warming for us to see and the whole reason why we started it in the first place.

Our Facebook Group is a closed group for our HMHB members so you can contribute to the group knowing only those within the group will see your posts. New members are free to search for this group and will need to request to join.

Here’s a little bit more about the group in case you want to join in the conversation too…


A message from Gi

“I’ve created this group for mums and dads to ask questions, share parenting tips, connect with each other and to give a voice to our amazing Happy Mum Happy Baby community.

If you’re new to HMHB, let me quickly explain how it all started. First I became a mum back in 2014 and was hit with the overriding feeling of failure. I loved my baby but didn’t understand the feeling of failure and guilt that crept up on me. I didn’t understand why life wasn’t constantly like all the pictures of mother and babies I’d seen online. And I didn’t understand why I felt inept at something I was meant to feel so intuitive about. I started sharing my thoughts. The more I did the more I realised it wasn’t just me feeling those things. turns out everyone is just making it up as they go along and that they don’t have a clue either. I felt so relieved.

I realised how sharing the thoughts in my head not only helped me, but gave encouragement and support to others too. So I wrote a book which then led to my podcast, where I sit down with parents to honestly and openly discuss all aspects of parenthood… the highs, the lows, challenges and rewards!

Now, I want you to be in the conversation too! This group should be the perfect place where we can all get together and talk to each other in our own private corner of the internet. Not just mums but dads too! You can start conversations and ask questions. I’ll be popping in and out of the group regularly and am so excited to hear your personal stories about pregnancy, birth, first days at home with a newborn, working from home, first days at school and everything else that being a parent in the 21st Century brings. There’s already some lovely advice being shared in here and I’m really looking forward to growing the community with you!

Remember, it’s your group so take what you need from it and also put in what you can too!

Love Gi x”

Join the Facebook Group here!

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