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Cleft Community | @dontgetlippyuk on Mums Will Talk

“Being born with a condition, then passing it on to my first born son was gut wrenching. Knowing from 13 weeks gestation that he would be born looking different to most and may struggle to feed as well knowing he would have two huge operations in his first year was a lot to comprehend and absorb but Will is now coming up 3 in September and is doing so well!

Will and myself were born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. This condition affects 1 in 700 babies born worldwide and can impact on feeding, hearing, speech and breathing along with possible mental health, self esteem and confidence issues later on.

My biggest advice to newly diagnosed families and those about to start the journey is to really try and enjoy your pregnancy beyond diagnosis, do lots of research (Instagram has a wonderful Cleft Community) and know that these babies really are born to the right parents.” – @dontgetlippyuk

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