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Rebuilding Life After Loss | @lovefromluce_ on Mums Will Talk


A series of unfortunate events..

We assume the journey to motherhood is full of magic and sparkles, as the adverts would have you believe, but the reality is that so many of us go through a storm to become a mother. Not many of us openly talk about loss and bereavement – it’s a taboo subject – but add the word baby  loss into it and people run a mile. I am not here to wallow in grief or to ask for sympathy. I want to connect with others going through similar.

We lost our daughter Florence to termination for medical reasons in November 2020. Our world stopped turning for a little while, Every baby loss creates a grief that is indescribable. Termination for medical reasons is incomprehensible, inexplainable. We could see and hear a heartbeat, yet our baby will never be able to explore their new world with us. We had no decision to make, Florence was incredibly poorly and as they say ‘incompatible for this world’.

Rebuilding life after loss.

In the middle of arranging a funeral, countless hospital visits with complications after the  birth and receiving post mortem results my life passed by in a blur. My employment contract also then ended, I had not only lost our baby but I now had lost my income too. I had to start to rebuild my life, I had no choice but to find the resilience and strength to keep going.

My perspective in life has completely changed after losing Florence, life is too short to not do what you love to do. With the encouragement of my family and friends I started an interior and homeware  business called Love From Luce. Starting the business gave my mind a creative escape and a purpose in my days again.

There is always hope..

Florence is our guiding light and is always around to give us a gentle nudge when life goes a little pear-shaped.  One day we will be hopefully be lucky enough to hold our rainbow baby in our arms. Until that day comes, we’re lucky enough to have Florence Grace, our baby in the sky.” – @lovefromluce_  

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