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I wear my foster parent badge with pride | @mrshannahbailey225 on Mums Will Talk

“I’m a Foster Mummy.

Last year, we were told that Covid would be having an impact on the lives of children in care and that more Foster carers would be required.

We answered the call, and after an intensive assessment, we were approved last summer.

Our Little Legs joined us last August. I became a foster mummy overnight. A complete crash course.

We are a port in the storm for as long as needed for children.

I wear my foster parent badge with pride. It can be a lonely club, but we have amazing family and friends that hold us up.

My heart breaks for birth Mothers of children in care. I shall forever love the children as my own, but remember they belong to another.

I cried on Mother’s Day, for our Little Legs’ birth mother.

I wanted her to know I see her, and the weight of her child calling me Mummy is heavy.

Fostering is the most amazing and rewarding thing; but it costs you your heart.” – 

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