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World Breast Feeding Week | @sabeena_and_arya on Mums Will Talk

MUMS WILL TALK x #WorldBreastFeedingWeek

“Mummy to 3 beautiful children and each one was fed a different way.

My eldest daughter Maya was breast fed for the first few months then she was combine fed with formula milk. Now, a healthy 8 year old beautiful girl 🥰.

My son Zakariya, was tongue-tied and struggled to feed for the first few weeks. I had never heard of this before so wasn’t aware of it. This wasn’t picked up in hospital or when he was examined before being discharged home. He wouldn’t latch on properly or even drink from the bottle too well. That first week home was the hardest ever. I was feeding him every 10 minutes and he would be constantly crying. I thought I was going crazy and when the midwife questioned me if I was feeding my son because he had lost so much weight. I broke down, not in front of her but after, on my own. I was thankful she picked up on his tongue-tie. I was just exhausted from it all and felt like I was failing. Once his tongue-tie was snipped his feeding improved and he put the weight back on in no time. Now, he is the naughty one at home 😆

My youngest daughter Arya, my extra special baby, was breast fed for a few days, expressed milk and bottle fed for 6 weeks. For the past year she has been fed through her NG tube. My beautiful Arya also happens to have Down Syndrome and is rocking her extra chromosome! She had a heart defect at birth. This is quite common in babies with Down Syndrome. This means Arya’s heart has a hole through the dividing wall between the right and left sides of her heart. This allows the blood to flow from the left and through to the right. She was working very hard when it came to her drinking from her bottle and even breathing. She struggled to put weight on because of her heart defect. From breast, to formula, milk fortifiers, high calorie milk and now milkshake style nutritional milk and heart medication. She has thrived and gradually over the year put on weight. Just last week she had an operation to fit a feeding tube directly into her stomach called a gastrostomy. She is my little fighter and is back to her normal cheeky self!

So, no matter how your child is fed the important thing to remember is that he/she is fed, is happy and so are you. Like a nurse once said to me “You have fed each one of your children a different way”. When I see it like that it’s pretty amazing!

The end goal is the same for everyone no matter how our children are fed.” – @sabeena_and_arya

#MumsWillTalk is celebrating all parents, no matter how they feed their baby


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