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7 ways parents can save money in the cost of living crisis

Last month on Parenting SOS, we were joined by Gemma Bird (a.k.a @moneymumofficial) to discuss making every penny count. Known on the ‘gram for her savvy budgeting tips to help families save, Gemma offers a unique perspective on managing finances without compromising on life’s pleasures!

On the blog today we’re digging into the question that’s on the forefront of lots of parents minds recently – How do I save money during this cost of living crisis?


Toy Swap & Shuffle

Let’s talk toys. Our little ones love them, but our wallets? Not so much. Here’s a secret: kids love old toys just as much as new ones, as long as they think they’re new! The “Toy Rotation” is your new best friend. Dig out those old forgotten treasures, spruce them up, and voila, it’s like a brand-new toy shop.

When some toys have had a good run on the rotation and it’s time for an upgrade, arm your little one with some pocket money to treat themselves at the magical toy land a.k.a your local carboot sale.


Facebook Magic

Don’t be shy to share your needs with the world! Whether you’re on the hunt for a baby basket or a new wardrobe, put it out there on local Facebook groups and find it for less, second hand. You’ll be amazed by the number of parents online who are ready to help, often just to clear space in their own homes!


Coffees Catchups from Home

This one’s a win-win! Get your mum friends together for rotating coffee mornings. Each week a different parent plays host, providing coffee and cake for all. It not only adds a lovely social event to your calendar but also means you only have to splurge once every few weeks, and it’s certainly cheaper than Starbucks.


Every Little Helps

For those stay-at-home mums, consider making a bit of extra money by doing online surveys. Sure, it’s not a lottery win, but those little earnings can help with bits and bobs like nappies. Other side-hustles you could kickstart are selling items for your other parent friends and taking a percentage, and even delivery driving during peak times like the holiday season.


Savvy Shopping

When it comes to keeping food costs down, clever shopping is key. Grab a scanner in the supermarket and keep track of your spending whilst you’re going round. Keep your eyes peeled for the price per gram or kilo, and don’t be afraid to squat down – the best deals often lurk on the lower shelves!


Dinner-Time Magic

Stretch your meals by adding veggies and pulses to your dinners, such as lentils in your mince bolognese. These additions not only make the dish healthier but feed more little mouths whilst helping your pocket! And don’t forget about your best friend – the freezer. Batch cooking and freezing leftovers can save time and money.


Coupon Clippers

Don’t overlook the free magazines from supermarkets, as they often contain valuable coupons. Be sure to also sign up for reward programs like Tesco Clubcard.


If you found these tips helpful and want to learn more, be sure to listen to our conversation on Happy Mum Happy Baby: Parenting SOS. Giovanna and Gemma dove into paying off debt, managing mortgages, and got to work answering your money queries. Tune where you listen to your podcasts, or watch in full on Youtube.


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