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The Virtual Meetup

Thursday 25th March 2021

Simple Spring Skincare

Makeup Artist & Blogger Lauren McDermott guides us through a simple skincare routine with everyday products to help hydrate and revive tired, dry skin, helping us look and feel more awake.


Pilates at Your Desk

Simple yet effective seated and standing movements that you can do during the day with Kerrie-Anne Bradley.

These exercises will focus on strengthening and stretching the body in a gentle way, with particular attention on the core, legs and upper back. Guaranteed to leave you feeling happier!


Terrible Twos?

It's hard being a toddler - not having the vocabulary to express how you're feeling and expectations on you seem greater than when you were in arms.

In this session, parenting expert and author of ToddlerCalm, Sarah Ockwell Smith helps you to build techniques for coping with tantrums, stubbornness, biting and hitting, and when their favourite word is 'No'!


The Burnout

As lockdown restrictions ease and the children return to school, why are we still left feeling overwhelmed and full of lockdown fatigue? WIth increased expectations on women in the home, the pressure on mothers has never been greater. In this session Gi chats to fellow working mothers and Doctors Dr Punam Krishan, Dr Shruti Nathwani and Dr Stephanie Jen Chyi Ooi to discuss coping strategies, life during lockdown and the importance of validating your feelings.


Family Friendly Meals brought to you by Ocado

Join Adam from At Dad's Table for quick, healthy and delicious 'how to' as he shows you his delicious veggie spiced fritters which are both baby and family friendly. A really fun dish to make with the children this not only allows them (or you!) to get all messy mixing ingredients, and sieving flour, but also teaches little ones about different spices, textures and cooking techniques. Adam will also talk about best kid-friendly dishes to batchcook and plan ahead with.


The Milky Way

A supportive, encouraging and unbiased workshop for those considering or in the early stages of breastfeeding. This workshop will not tell you how to feed your baby and that 'breast is best' but give you the benefits, facts and realities of starting out and establishing your breastfeeding journey with your baby. And if you're looking to express, or move on to the bottle and not sure how, Chantelle Champs, Author of 'Milk It' will cover off a few of the basic myths and facts to help you on your feeding journey.


Fun with Fairy Sarah

Welcome to the magical world of 'Fairy Sarah and Friends'! In this special activity session aimed at both girls & boys aged 3-7, Fairy Sarah will introduce you to her home - 'Toadstool Island', a destination of magic, stories, games and giggles. Come and join in from the comfort of your very own home, with activities and fun for children of all abilities.


Bedtime Stories brought to you by My 1st Years

Snuggle up and enjoy a fun bedtime story, The Dinosaur That Pooped a Pirate by Tom Fletcher & Dougie Pointer, read by Tom! Plus an exclusive competition for the chance to win unique gifts for mum & baby from My 1st Years.


Gi & Friends: #MumLife

Kids in bed, PJs on, wine poured, aaaand relax! Pause the box set and enjoy a big virtual hug from Gi, Rochelle Humes and Zoe Hardman as they chat the highs and lows of parenting over this past rollercoaster of a year, what they're going to miss the most as lockdown eases and what they're looking forward this Summer.


Friday 26th March 2021

More Than a Mum Bun

Georgina Patient shows us quick and easy hair styles for days you need to get it up and get stuff done!


Let’s Get Moving!

Fitness enthusiast and mum Gemma Atkinson introduces you to her partner Gorka Marquez who will show you an easy to follow 10 minute HiiT workout that you squeeze in to your day, helping you improve your fitness levels, reduce stress levels and leave you feeling more energised to face the day.


Preparing for PreSchool

Starting preschool or a childcare setting for the first time is a big step for a child, and parents can play an essential role in preparing their little one for this new experience. In this helpful session Mum of 3 and content creator Ola Pelovangu gives her top tips for a smooth transition.


Pregnancy After Loss

March is Pregnancy after loss awareness month, in this honest and supportive conversation Gi speaks with mothers who have experienced loss Elle Wright, Kajal Pankhania, Vanessa Haye and Jen Reid, co-founder of Teddy's Wish, a charity that supports parents after loss.


Easter Bake-a-long brought to you by Ocado

Join The Great British Bake Off's Briony May Williams for a fun Easter themed Bake-a-long as well as ideas for creative and tasty treats to enjoy with the family this Spring.


Emma Willis: Birth, Baby & Me

Join Emma Willis and expert Midwives from W's Delivering Babies for an honest and supportive conversation around childbirth and your birthing options. No two births are ever the same, and although we can prepare, they are difficult to plan! In the process of her training as a Maternity Care Assistant, Emma has witnessed multiple births and experienced first hand various scenarios. In this session Emma will put questions from the Happy Mum Happy Baby community to the team.


A Virtual Yoga Holiday with Cosmic Kids

Through movement and mindfulness join Jaime from Cosmic Kids on a virtual yoga vacation to the beach.

Brought to you from Magic Yoga Studio Jaime will also give options for children using a chair and a special voucher code for a free month subscription to her Cosmic Kids app, where your children can enjoy ad-free yoga.

Bedtime Stories brought to you by My 1st Years

Snuggle up and enjoy a relaxing story read to you by Gi and her husband Tom Fletcher. Plus an exclusive competition with the chance to win unique gifts for mum and baby from My 1st Years.


Gi & Friends: Big Friday Night In-In!

Giving you the biggest excuse to get glammed up for a date with your sofa! Dust off those sequins and get ready for lots of fun, giggles, corks popping and hilarious games, because Gi and friends Josie Gibson, Dina Tokio, Jamelia and Sophie McCartney from Tired & Tested are taking you on a virtual night 'In-In'!


Thursday 15th October 2020

Anxiety in the First Year

Reframing parental guilt and anxieties in the first year with Anna Mathur.


My First Foods

Madeleine Shaw presents weaning and first foods with an intro into where to start, what you need, how much, how often and when.


Parenting In A New Normal

Gi, Ella Grimwade, Cathy Kamara and Suzy Reading discuss what they've learnt in 2020, the new normal, highs and lows, and tips for families with small children at home, working, schooling and shielding.


Positive Play Techniques

What's the best way for children to relate to the world around them? Play! Talking to our children whilst playing from tiny baby is a great way of bonding and encouraging conversation. You and your baby can join Steph Cockerell, Hartbeeps' Imaginator and Early Years Advisor, for a short class full of play ideas and expert advice.


Bedtime Stories: Toy Story

A wonderful tale of friendship and adventure, read by Giovanna.


The 4th Trimester & Beyond

Reflections from mothers on the first few months with your baby. Gi, Izzy Judd, Illiyin Morrison and Debbie Le open up in a live streamed chat about the highs and lows of motherhood; everything from sleepless nights, feeding, experiencing baby's firsts, shopping sustainably and family relationships.


Friday 16th October 2020

Mum on the Run 5 minute makeup

Something to give mum a boost as she takes a moment for herself before the day begin, with makeup artist Hannah Martin.


Making Food Fun

Ciara shows how to make two delicious lunches for kids, one for lunch at home and a packed lunch for school or nursery. Both are packed full of nutritious ingredients but fun and colourful enough to be enticing for fussy eaters.


The 4th Trimester

Gi along with mothers and trained experts discuss feelings of the "4th Trimester", that time 3 months after the birth of your baby that is often hard to prepare for. This year will have felt a different type of maternity leave; one no one could have prepared for. In this time of uncertainty, Gi discusses making friends, feeding support and forming support groups with mothers at a similar stage.


Creative Sensory Activity Workshop (Subtitled)

One the whole family can join in with. SJ Strum brings you ideas for five minute play sessions and activities with toys and items in the home, for rainy days or creating a calming environment to bond and play with your children.


Bedtime Stories: Bluey

A tale based on the popular Disney Channel cartoon. about the dog who loves exploring, read by Giovanna.


Motherhood – Things They Don’t Tell You!

Pop on your joggers, pour yourself a glass of wine or a warm cup of tea and enjoy a girls night in and giggle with Gi & friends on topics your antenatal teacher forgot to mention!


Saturday 17th October 2020

Stronger Body, Stronger Mind

Adrienne Herbert brings you empowerment and exercises for strengthening bums, thighs and tummies to prevent injury.


Budget Family Food Hacks

Budget friendly hacks and tips for feeding in a flash with What Mummy Makes (Rebecca Wilson). Get ideas for storage, serving and substitutes for meals the whole family can enjoy.


Early Intervention and Developing Your Child’s Communication Skills

KIDS leads the way in providing disabled children and their families with support to thrive, not just survive. Expert advice for spotting communication delays in babies and young children, tips to aid development at home, interactive play ideas and where to go for further support.


The Sleep Clinic

Regain control of your child’s sleep with a few simple changes and without having to leave them to cry alone - with Lisa Lamb, AKA The Night Ninja!

Join Lisa after the workshop on Instagram where she'll be answering more of your burning questions on IG Live.


Bedtime Stories: Moana

A tale of adventure, being brave and acting with kindness. Watch Giovanna read an extract from everyone's favourite Disney film.


Mum’s The Word

Gi and Tom invites couples Emma & Matt Willis, Candice & Papa B and Chloe & JB Gill to join them in a virtual 'Quiz Night' for a game they call 'Mums The Word!'
The couples battle it out over rounds of parenting themed dares, challenges and exclusive parenting wins and fails. Expect serious laughs and exclusive confessions!


Sunday 18th October 2020

Pelvic Health Physio

Looking after your pelvic health during pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. With Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Emma Brockwell.


Entertaining With Children

Join Angellica Bell with her impressive Halloween themed party food for all! Ideas for healthy & nutritious snacks to fun party treats the whole family to enjoy.

First Aid for all the Family

7 out of 10 parents say their baby choking is their biggest fear. Join Kate Ball from Mini First Aid who shares practical tips to ensure baby-safe mealtimes and learn how to confidently manage a choking situation.


Pre & Postnatal Relaxation

Founder of Positive Birth Company Siobhan Miller shows you the relaxation techniques used to unwind and prepare for the arrival of baby; both during your labour or in the early days when feeling overwhelmed and anxious.


Bedtime Stories: Frozen

A winter family favourite becomes a wonderful bedtime story as Gi reads an excerpt from Frozen. Princess Elsa and Olaf will be as magical as ever in this enchanting Disney classic.


We’ve Got This!

In the final session, Gi & Friends reflect on topics discussed throughout the Virtual Meetup, talking empowerment, finding yourself again, the importance of chucking some love inwards and knowing you are enough.


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