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A Poem on Motherhood | Cherishing the Early Morning Moments


“A little something I wrote this morning. Thought it would resonate with all the other early risers out there ❤
Creased Pyjamas
If you need me, this is where I’ll be,
Creased pyjamas; a child upon my knee.
Making friends with the moon at this dreadful hour,
Night dreaming of a hot drink and a shower.
Warm milk and weetabix at 6 A.M.
They ask, I do; anything for them.
Dazed and confused;
These days I choose
To hold my babies that little bit tighter,
Bathe in the moonlight until the day becomes brighter.
To cherish these hands I hold in my own,
These little hands who make my home.
My face tells a story of every early start,
So let’s fill that story with tales from the heart.
With every yawn a smile will be left in it’s place,
My arms always open for a loving embrace.
No hour too soon,
For my meeting with the moon.
What did I do before you were here?
A full night’s sleep, rest, that’s clear.
If only I knew what I was missing.
Hugs upon hugs, kissing
Those rosy red cheeks and button nose,
Trying to warm ten frozen toes.
And when you’re grown,
Holding little hands of your own.
This is where I’ll be,
Floating between a night dream and a memory.
Of creased pyjamas, warm milk and weetabix at 6 A.M.
If you ever need me, I’ll be there; anything for them.”


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