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Strong SEN Mum | @allycphayer on Mums Will Talk

“Sam is a real cheeky chap, full of joy and happiness.

When I imagined motherhood, I didn’t imagine becoming a special needs mum. Everyone knows someone who has a child with difficulties but until you become that person, it’s impossible to comprehend.

January 6th 2017 changed everything.

My youngest son Sam, 9 months old, woke up upset. It was a normal day, he had been a normal child up until this point, and then the seizures began.

Our life went from the ordinary, to the extraordinary.

The seizures didn’t stop and Sam was diagnosed with a rare brain condition. Overnight everything changed; we became the story you hear about. Sam’s condition deteriorated and he had to have emergency surgery to remove the right side of his brain to stop the seizures.

Our journey has been incredibly hard, Sam has cerebral palsy because of the surgery, and everyday is a challenge. But he has an amazing strength of will to succeed, everything he does he insists on trying to do himself, I am so proud of him everyday. Everyone that meets him can’t help but fall in love with him, he is a real ladies man 😂

Special needs (SEN) parenting can be a lonely place but the friendships I have made with other families of children with SEN have enriched our lives more than I can explain. Someone once said, ‘Sometimes angels are disguised as kids with special needs to teach us how to be better people’.

I am an incredibly proud and strong SEN mum.” – @allycphayer


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