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Parenting in a pandemic | @another__mama on Mums Will Talk

“As lockdown began in March last year, the birth of our second son wasn’t far away. Naturally we were comparing everything to first time around and couldn’t help but feel more anxious than overjoyed about what was to come. It felt like quite a scary time to bring a new life into the world. But, despite all of our worries about going into hospital during the pandemic, our baby had a plan…

They say second babies come much quicker but nothing could have prepared us for just how quick. On the 19th April, Wilf arrived en route to the hospital, delivered my husband in the front seat of our car. After frantic calls to labour line and then 999, we pulled in to a Sainsbury’s local park and with the help of the call handler, Wilf arrived safely and healthily (and so speedily that my trousers were still around my ankles and my seatbelt was on!). I will never forget his first cry as my husband scooped him up on to my chest, with the call handler saying on speakerphone “Congratulations, you’ve just delivered your son at 10.47am.” It was pretty magical.

Wilf met his big brother, Theo, the next day and there was instant love. Nesting as a new family of four was wonderful in so many ways – we slowed down and embraced the fact that it was just us. But it was tough. More than anything, we missed not being able to share those early precious moments, the newborn snuggles, the joy and the support. To this day it makes me so sad to think of what we missed, and what our family and friends missed out on too. It’s hard not to dwell on that.

This time around there haven’t been the baby groups or playdates with friends or the simple freedom of going out and about. I worry for both of our boys in all of this – Wilf knows no different, yet Theo, aged four, asks questions and wonders why he can’t see his friends. Does he even remember life pre Covid? Who knows.

Parenting in a pandemic is tough and bringing a new little life into the world during this time has certainly brought us many challenges…

There have been and still are sleepless nights, tears, fears and frustrations. But there is also hope. Hope for the future and the bright smiles that these little people bring into our lives.

Wilf’s whirlwind entrance into the world has shone a new perspective on life for us. He brought with him so much calm into a world of chaos, and the fact that he is blissfully unaware helps to balance out the worries that we have. These lockdown babies really are something special.” – @another__mama


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