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Blind Kids Can | Mums Will Talk

“I’m Mum to two daughters age 3 and 5, with another baby due in August 2021 ❤️.
My daughters are typical chatty girls that love music, dancing and to make us laugh, oh and they’re both blind.
I’m sharing my story for all of the visually impaired/blind children, for the Mum’s, Dad’s and families who may have just found out their baby or child is blind, I want to let you know, it will be ok.
What I have learnt over the past 5 years is that being blind is portrayed as devastating by the sighted community, however immerse yourself in the world of children and adults who are blind, and the outlook is so very different!
Yes we might have to adapt things, work harder than our peers, and learning braille is certainly a challenge (for me not them!), but I have no doubt that my daughters can achieve their dreams. Like all disabilities, we need society to realise that having a disability does not need to hold us back.
I want my daughter’s to know they’re amazing, I want them to grow up happy and feel positive in their skin.
So when you see us walking down the street, my daughters with their white canes in their hands, please do not feel sorry for us. #blindkidscan #blindadultscan

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