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Not just “instamum” | @coreyleighwp on Mums Will Talk

“So I gave birth to my son 7th Nov 2020 which is weirdly when you began this # of share your story. And that’s all I’ve wanted to do since!

So I had my son through induction 3 weeks earlier than planned as he was a big baby, I had dizzy spells, early pre eclampsia and the usual aches and pains. Giving birth in a pandemic was the most surreal experience of my life and I began my YouTube channel not long after having him as I wanted to share every high and low of my journey!

He wasn’t a very happy baby for a long time I mean he didn’t cry but he just was very vocal, he was diagnosed after an ambulance phone call and few trips to A&E with silent reflux which we now know is onset GERD and also a dairy/egg intolerance. But as I am breastfeeding (and still going strong although nearly stopping 24,000 times lol) we are slowly getting there! He’s on lansaprozole, piriton for the rashes and another cream.

Every time I think we’ve cracked the intolerance case, something else bothers him and we’re back to square one.

He sounds congested 95% of the time and I just want my baby to be happy 24/7 (I know unrealistic but like every other mum!) currently spending my life savings on dairy free/vegan meals as feel like I can’t eat anything without it bothering his bowels or reflux, or both.

But yes, we’re nearly 16 weeks in and people keep telling me to “wait until he’s 6 months it will sort itself out” some days I sob like I’m failing him and I should know what’s bothering him!

And other days I sob because he’s trying to roll over or smiling at every little coo I make at him.

But that’s just motherhood and I truly believe honesty is the best policy and more mums need to share their HONEST experience! Not just their “instamum” life! “ – @coreyleighwp


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