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Ode to the first days of motherhood | @fieldmouse28 on Mums Will Talk

“I always thought that having a baby around Christmas would be wonderfully magical…erm nope! Here is my ‘Ode to the first days of motherhood’.

On the 1st day of parenting, motherhood gave to me a beautiful baby boy called Joey.

On the 2nd day of parenting, motherhood gave to me a loving and supportive family.

On the 3rd day… blood thinners to produce milk for Joey.

On the 4th day… an industrial breast pump to pump milk for Joey.

On the 5th day… an emotional exit from the hospital carrying Joey.

On the 6th day… tears of love and confusion as I held my baby.

On the 7th day… several arguments with Joey’s wonderful daddy.

On the 8th day… a trip to the doctors to fix my fanny.

On the 9th day… long dark days and a headspace that was scary.

On the 10th day… formula, breast, formula and a brain that finally thought clearly.

On the 11th day… a Christmas day filled with fear and anxiety.

On the 12th day… a hopeful hug and an “it’s going to be okay.”.

Nearly 365 days and a global pandemic later, both mummy, daddy and Joey are amazing, best days ever. “ – @fieldmouse28


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