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Precious time together to bond | @mamabear_and_cubs_x on Mums Will Talk

To my darling little Noahbear,
Wow! Four months! How they have flown.
I can’t deny it’s been an unusual few months, locked away in our little cocoon. It breaks my heart that so many people (including your grandparents and aunts and uncles) have yet to meet you and will never have seen you during your snuggly newborn phase. But, I have to look on these things positively too. Lockdown has given us precious time together to bond as mother and son without the distractions of baby groups and pointless visits to Home Bargains and Big Sainsbury’s.
Your bond with your brothers (human and fur!) has grown too and you look on them with such joy and adoration. I can’t wait to see you all running round together, knees dirty and full of chatter about all of your exciting adventures.
Every day, you are growing and changing, learning new things and becoming more independent. I am so proud of you, my little squidge, and I will be for the whole of your life.
So, for now, while you are still tiny and we are still locked away, I’m going to embrace all of the cuddles and drink in your pure joy and wonder.
All my love,
Mama xx “ – @mamabear_and_cubs_x

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