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Noise Of Motherhood | @mrsgifletcher on Mums Will Talk

“When I think back to the mum I thought I would be I see a woman surrounded by love, laughter and cuddles. I see a woman with unlimited time on her hands that she’d effortlessly pour into her children. Motherhood was something that put a smile on her face as she gazed adoringly at the children she was guiding through life.

Through the noise of motherhood, through the unending list of jobs and mum admin, the scheduling, the organising, the ferrying, the tidying, the refereeing and the negotiating – I’ve found you can easily lose sight of all the deliciousness that was promised before embarking on this role. It’s alarming how quickly you can become a bystander of the laughter and love as you bury your head in the to-do list.

I’m trying to stop. Remember her. To park myself in the middle of my life, and to allow the smiles in – and out. “

– @mrsgifletcher

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