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A rare baby born in a sac | @princesssamajam on Mums Will Talk

“Born in the year we all stayed in. Birth classes online and planning if I was going to have to do it alone or with your daddy.

I was begging that you would be late, so that this whole thing had a few more weeks of getting back to normal.

Of course 2 weeks early. Panicking cause we had no idea what to do my water hadn’t broke and it was like we had to convince some one we were in labour, we breathed. Support wasn’t in person but over the phone.

The sunshine from the clouds on 18th April 2020 you were born, in your sac that is, what are the chances that you would be a rare baby born in a sac, to midwives in masks and meeting grandparents through windows with all the support through video calls and social distance meetings. What are the chances!?

Daddy was working from home and he got to see all your firsts. We didn’t have the person support but you didn’t need that you just needed us two. ” – @princesssamajam


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