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First Baby During A Pandemic | @rebecca_and_oliver on Mums Will Talk

“Being a first time mum can feel very vulnerable.

These feelings are heightened even more so having your first baby during a pandemic.

I gave birth to my beautiful son on the 3.08.2020. My birth didn’t quite go to plan but I don’t want to dwell on that. What I do want to share is that being a mum is tough, but it’s the best thing you will ever do.

We tried for a whilst before we were lucky enough to fall pregnant. No matter how grateful I am, everyday I do carry some ‘mum’ guilt with me, have I been a good enough, wife, mother, daughter, friend etc. I am trying so hard to see and make the best of this situation.

When Oliver’s grandparents met him for this first tike they had to wear masks, I mean come on really. However I was so petrified that he would get something (on top of how new mums must feel about the health of their baby) COVID-19 has heightened those feelings. I do take him out and about and to baby classes where I can but I keep asking myself ‘am I doing the right thing, is it safe, am I making him more vulnerable’!

Thankfully I have come out of the other side now and embracing motherhood, my beautiful baby and lockdown number 2 – which sadly will be the new normal for a whilst. A plus side for me has been all the wonderful people like yourself reaching out virtually to support us new mums and for letting ‘normal’ people like me share my voice.” @rebecca_and_oliver


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