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A Mother’s Journey in the NICU | Mums Will Talk

“Being pulled into a side room at our 20 week scan literally changed my life. We got told our baby was ‘small’ and after a ton of follow up appointments by 30 weeks he was here, weighing only 750g, an IUGR baby.

7th April was his due date, on NICU watching our little boy grow and develop patiently yet at the same time impatiently! He has already put up one hell of a fight – a fighter, a warrior, a miracle (insert all the fighter synonyms)! It’s incredible but this journey has ‘uncalibrated’ me as my husband would say. I am a scientist with a tough outlook on healthcare normally, but now I have become paranoid and often on days I don’t recognise myself.

I spent twelve weeks on NICU and I’ve watched mums support each other, rally around and form unbreakable connections. Watching positive relationships form in the darkest of times.

I’ve also watched mums compete, comparing their children like Pokemon cards, bragging just enough to deliver an invisible slap to another mum. It’s exhausting.

All you can do is take each day at a time and focus on the beautiful fighter that is in front of you. We have a journey to go yet, but one day I will look back and I know I will feel like this journey has made me.

I wish it could have been different but I wouldn’t change anything at the same time.

To all the NICU mamas – you got this!” – @sheenyreeny

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