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Supporting partners through loss | @the_lgbt_mummies_tribe on Mums Will Talk

“When we discovered my wife may possibly lose the baby, it was a long few weeks of seeing her levels go down and having to monitor the pregnancy. When the time came and she lost the baby, as a partner, I felt helpless.

I was angry that we had lost the baby, and frustrated that I couldn’t make my wife feel better – but I also felt isolated that no-one made me feel present, and then selfish for even feeling that way.

Whenever a couple suffer a loss, we find many professionals direct their empathy and language towards the birth mother or parent, and I was a mere bystander.

My scars and pain weren’t physical, they were internal – so they went unseen, unnoticed.” – @the_lgbt_mummies_tribe

It’s not OK that partners feel like an afterthought when they lose a baby. Without support, partners can struggle with their mental health. This must change.

@tommys really want to be there for every parent who sadly experiences baby loss, to make sure both parents never have to face anything alone. They are currently campaigning to develop an online hub for partners to provide specialist information and support! This will be a place where partners can go to get all types of help.

They just need a little help to get this going… their campaign with The Big Give means that donations to their charity will be doubled. If you are able to support this campaign please take a look on @tommys.


#MumsWillTalk is is helping to get all mums stories heard, you can share your story here!


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