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Happy Mums Loves: Summer Lovin’

Though the British weather might not have got the memo, summer has well and truly started! Keeping the little ones occupied whilst we spin many plates is certainly a challenge – Well done for getting here so far! For that extra bit of help in the school holidays, we have a special edition of Happy Mum Happy Baby Loves that’ll keep your kids happy, and Mum & Dad even happier!

Here’s what we’re loving this summer…


Roarsome Rash Vest

There’s nothing quite like filling a relaxing beach day with reapplying your child’s suncream 67 times (why do they insist on running into the sea instantly after a top up!). Kit your little one out with Roarsome Rash Vests and they’ll stay protected from the sun, UPF50+ material! Sporting a range of super fun animal designs, they’ll want to wear it all day. 



Clip-on Pram Fan


For keeping your little one cool on the go, we love this pram accessory from Dreambaby… one might say we’re a big fan! 😂

The soft foam fins provide a gentle breeze whilst keeping it safe for any wriggly babies that want to get their hands on it.



Bubble Machine

This might look like a whole lot of fun for the kids, but really it’s a sure-fire way for Mum or Dad to get a bit of much needed me-time. Pop on the bubble machine, run for cover, and the kids should stay entertained for hours… or at least enough time to enjoy a bit of alone time. It’s charged up by USB, so you can take it on your travels too!



Reusable Water Balloons

All the rage this summer, reusable water balloons are the new favourite for all your summer water fight needs. They’re a sustainable option, they save you all the balloon tying, and you won’t find tiny bits of balloon in the garden for years to come – wins all round!



Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray

This is basically an essential item for any family enduring a heatwave. Water in a can might sound like a con, but a few spritz’s of this is will cool down any summer meltdowns. Whether sunburn has got the best of your little one, or mum needs to feel a quick quick burst of relaxation (we know it’s not quite a trip to the spa), the Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray is one to keep in your bag or car at all times this summer.



Woodland Trust

If you want to get out and about in nature more but know your local parks like the back of your hand, we recommend the Woodland Trust. Their online database has thousands of free woodland walks you can visit, complete with a ‘Roaming Animals’ search filter if you want to do some animal spotting too! Their optional £5/month family membership comes with kids activity packs, which certainly make for a fun game of nature bingo on your walks.



Wooden Tapas Set

Charcuterie boards are all the range, and this wooden tapas board is a perfect play pretend toy whilst you host your summer garden party. The set introduces little ones to new foods in a fun & interactive way too!



Colouring Book for Curious Toddlers

One to save for a rainy day, an activity colouring book is a great way to keep your little ones busy if they’re getting bored at home. By swapping screen time for a copy of Colour & Discover, your helping your little one develop their imagination and ability to concentrate, whilst self-regulating any antsy moods.



For more ideas on how to keep your little ones entertained without breaking the bank, check out our list of FREE and low-cost summer holiday activities here. 

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