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The Ultimate Hospital Bag | Happy Mum Loves

As your due date fast approaches, you’re about to be propelled into a new adventure full of unknowns. And if there’s one thing you can be prepared for ahead of this exciting journey ahead, it’s your hospital bag! We asked the Happy Mum Happy Baby community to share all the essentials to pack for going to the hospital and heading home –  we present the ultimate hospital bag checklist. 

We’re giving one lucky winner the chance to win a hospital bag of your own, as we’ve partnered up with incredible brands like WUKA, My Expert Midwife, Tiba + Marl and the Positive Birth Company. Keep reading and find out how to win a hospital bag of your own!

Positive Birth Company Hypnobirthing Pack

Go into your birth with confidence, with the Positive Birth Company Hypnobirthing pack – an online course to help you feel calm, confident and excited about birth! Make sure you’ve got their app downloaded on your phone too, helping you through every surge with the breathing techniques, positive affirmations and calming visualisations learnt from the Hypnobirthing pack. 



My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits & Spritz for Labour

For instant relief after birth, you’ll be so relieved for this little bottle of magic in your hospital bag. Made up of natural essential oils to soothe the discomfort in the perineum after childbirth, Spritz for Bits can be used to reduce stinging before your first wee, it calms itching and swelling, and can also reduce discomfort from haemorrhoids. Pair up with the Spritz for Labour, a calming scented spray to help you feel more grounded & focused in labour if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed.  



WUKA Postpartum Pants

Enter the superhero of postpartum undies – WUKA pants. Super comfy, stretchy and an amazing alternative to postpartum sanitary pads – which can be irritating to tears or stitching due to their plastic composition. Holding as much as 4 tampons worth of blood, WUKA postpartum pants do an amazing job at absorbing lochia (postpartum bleeding) whilst being breathable and soft. WUKA’s latest release, the Super Heavy Stretch Pant fits up to 4 sizes in one pair, meaning new mums can wear them for longer as their body changes.



Boots Maternity TENS Machine

For pain relief during labour, a TENS machine sends feel-good vibes to the nerves running to your spinal cord, blocking out pain and giving you that tingly ‘I got this’ feeling. 

It can make for a great distraction and restore your sense of control in labour, whilst lessening any anxiety you feel. Although some hospitals may be able to provide you one, it’s good to have your own on hand. Just remember, it’s not pool-friendly, so if you’re planning a water birth you won’t be able to use it.



Labour Playlist

Your soundtrack to motherhood, our community recommends preparing a music playlist during your pregnancy. Search Spotify for pre-made curated recommendations for your labour, or create your own playlist to take you on a journey of soothing sounds & lyrics full of gratitude, to mover and shaker tracks to keep you motivated whilst you push (cue Salt N Pepa – Push It!). 



Perple Sports Drink

Labour is basically an extreme sport, so keep your energy levels up with a carton of Perple: The ONLY natural sports drink. Made from 100% natural ingredients and free from any nasties, it’s bursting with everything you need to keep you hydrated and energised for what might be a long labour. Shop their 6-pack and your birth partner will be grateful for the boost too!



Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm + Body Balm

There’s something incredibly dehydrating about being in the hospital, so having a lip balm on hand is crucial. Originally created as a nipple balm for breastfeeding women, Dr Lipp is great for lips, nips, and anywhere else that needs a bit of TLC. Pair up with the BFF Body Balm for all your hydration needs. 



Tiba + Marl Phoenix Holdall

So where’s all this stuff gonna go? In a Tiba + Marl holdall, of course. Much-loved by our community for their stylish changing bags, their Phoenix Eco Holdall makes for a sleek & spacious hospital bag  – to then transform to carry all your baby gear once you’re back home! 10/10 for versatility! 



We’re giving you the chance to win a hospital bag of dreams, packed with all these goodies! Click here to sign up to our mailing list (make sure you tick the permissions box!) and we’ll select a winner at random to receive:

  • Tiba + Marl Phoenix Holdall
  • WUKA Postpartum Pants Set
  • Dr Lipp Original Lip Balm + Body Balm
  • Positive Birth Company Hynobirthing Pack
  • Perple Natural Sports Drink 6-Pack
  • Boots Maternity TENS machine
  • My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits & Spritz for Labour 


Click here to enter, and good luck! 

Competition closes on Wednesday 24th April at 12PM and the winner will be contacted by email. UK entrants only. 

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