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8 Pregnancy Books To Prepare You For Birth

Embarking on the journey of parenthood? Navigating this new exciting chapter of your life can be overwhelming, with undoubtedly a million what-if’s and how-to’s going through your mind. There’s a whole library of fantastic books out there that offer expert advice for all the unknown, so we asked the Happy Mum Happy Baby community to share their recommendations that helped them through their pregnancy, birth, and the early weeks. 


The book to keep you calm before birth

This empowering read invites you into a world where childbirth is not just manageable but can be a joyous, positive event. It challenges, any negativity or fear you might have around your labour, filling you with confidence, positivity a sense of control, regardless of how your birth unfolds.  

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The book for getting you through pregnancy after loss  

Pregnancy after baby loss can be a scary and isolating experience. This book is a blueprint for anyone navigating pregnancy after loss, to not only help them survive the next 9-months, but also to flourish and enjoy this magical time. 

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The book for making your health a priority

For too long, women have been told that debilitating conditions following pregnancy are normal, to be expected, and something to just put up with. This book changes that, with all the tools you need to look after your amazing body throughout motherhood.

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The book that answers all your weird questions

Answering everything you wanted to find out but were too embarrassed to ask – this no-nonsense guide covers everything from preventing tearing in labour to what you really need in your hospital bag! This book is like having a wise, witty friend to support you through the maze of pregnancy and childbirth.

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The book for once the baby comes

An essential guide for decoding and responding to your newborn baby’s needs effectively, The Wonder Weeks helps you understand and find solutions to their crying, eating and sleeping problems.

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The book that changes your mindset of pregnancy

Debunking outdated myths around pregnancy, Expecting Better empowers women with real-world & evidence-based information, allowing you to make your own decisions around your prenatal experience.

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The book for a successful parenting partnership

When your baby comes along, it’s a completely life-altering event for a couple, and your romantic relationship is often but on the back burner. Baby Bomb is a survival guide for your relationship for new parents entering into this new chapter with strength and confidence, together.

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The book that feels like your best mum friend

An honest and uplifting story of motherhood, Giovanna Fletcher celebrates how putting a focus on being a happy and confident mum can really make for a happy baby.

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