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60 things nobody told me about being pregnant

What didn’t you expect when you were expecting? Every pregnancy is different, and our discoveries, symptoms and feelings will be totally unique to each of us. But by opening up the dialogue of our experiences in pregnancy, we can make those surprises feel a little more normal!

We asked our community to submit what took them by surprise when they fell pregnant, and here’s what they said.

  1. How attached I would get to my bump

  2. Feeling confident and proud of my body after years of not loving it

  3. How difficult it became to put my socks on

  4. When your waters break… they keep on breaking!

  5. How unbearably poorly it can make you

  6. How unrealistic TV and film make it out to be

  7. Not feeling excited about it all the time

  8. How HEAVY my body felt those last few weeks

  9. How much sex I wanted to have

  10. How hard it was

  11. I felt invincible. I wish I could bottle that feeling

  12. The heartburn

  13. How quickly 9 months can go by

  14. How much I actually enjoyed it, when I had been told how awful it was

  15. How different each pregnancy was

  16. How much I disliked my body and the fact I didn’t have control over how it changed

  17. People wanting to touch your belly or commenting on it

  18. Noticing the UK has a serious lack of public toilets

  19. Getting lots of skin tags which then disappeared postpartum

  20. The fact morning sickness doesn’t just happen in the morning

  21. Cholestasis

  22. How weird everything smelt!

  23. Being pregnant made me feel superhuman for a bit

  24. How unglamourous it was – smelly pee, swollen boobs, sore pelvis

  25. How much my body was pushed to its limit

  26. Middle of the night leg cramps

  27. Telling friends and family and watching their tears of joy

  28. Lightning crotch

  29. How much I’d miss it

  30. Uncontrollable cravings for chicken nuggets

  31. How excited people were for a new little one to join the world

  32. That my feet changed size

  33. Gingivitis (bleeding gums)

  34. How differently people treated me

  35. Insomnia

  36. Feeling a really special bond with my baby and like they were all mine

  37. The nosebleeds

  38. Unpopular opinion – I loved when strangers would comment on my bump

  39. How my hair never got greasy

  40. How guilty I felt at the time for not enjoying being pregnant

  41. How I could never find maternity clothes in the shops

  42. People I barely knew asking if the pregnancy was planned

  43. Worrying about every little pain, particularly after loss

  44. How physically vulnerable I felt – like I wouldn’t be able to defend myself or run away from danger if needed

  45. My baby moving inside me felt weird and not always comforting

  46. The metallic taste in your mouth

  47. How much better my mental health and mood was

  48. The boob pain

  49. Turning the toilet seat purple!

  50. How bad restless legs can be

  51. The hot flushes

  52. How thick my hair got – but then started falling out postpartum

  53. Feeling my heartbeat in my bump

  54. How breathless I get.. even talking

  55. The audacity of other people

  56. Getting piles

  57. How lonely it can feel

  58. The sheer amount of Rennies I went through

  59. How calm I was about giving birth

  60. How much space people give you to pass on the pavement

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